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White-Listing Instructions


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To ensure you receive the Email you've requested, please follow the instructions that are appropriate for your email service provider below.

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To ensure that ZMailDirect.com communications are not filtered into your "Junk/Bulk" folder, select the Add/Save to Address Book function in your email viewer and follow the appropriate instructions.

Many email providers have "Spam" or "Junk" functions that automatically delete or block emails that you report as "Spam" or "Junk." Hitting these buttons may prevent you from receiving email from ZMailDirect.com. For best results, avoid using these functions with communications.

If your email looks distorted or if the links within the email do not work, your email provider may have deliberately disabled images and links within the email. Many email providers provide functions that allow you to see images and links in your email; it's often just a matter of clicking a button or two. Please contact your email provider if you need additional assistance.